is an original collection which consists of numerous genres of poetry and prose.
The poetry of the Mirage Collection has been described as ‘lovely, personal, easily relatable, well written, wistful’ and ‘sad’ however, positive and uplifting poems can be found throughout this unique collection as well. Each individual piece of poetry has been delicately extracted from the heart and patiently coaxed from within the depths of the mind in a process which remains misunderstood, it is the work of a single author whose writing is most often based on genuine emotion and real life experience, raising the topics of self-image, death, grief, friendship, love and spirituality, just to name a few.
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Good mixed up with bad,
Happiness mixed into sadness,
Though never of two equal halves;
The equivalence is always madness.


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Instead of us looking up at the stars above, they were all looking down at us, we had somehow become the most beautiful of stars to blaze, I never wanted to believe that gravity could pull you away.

Burning Envy

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The rain inside of one’s heart,
The dampener of all things good,
The flame of joy dies as smoldering,
From one’s eyes then falls the soot.

Falls the Soot

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