Dark, Free Verse, Sadness, The Full Collection


Take my consciousness away to a warmer place, far from the troubles of my everyday life, beyond the darkest clouds of trauma that drift inside my mind, way past the horizon of this biting, intense cold; fluttering painfully upon broken wings, so far from all I’ve known, so very far from home.

Please help me to free myself.

Melt my rebellion into the moonlit sky, slowly exhale the ice off of my frosted breath, though ever so carefully as not to chill your heart, just as I had once done to mine; though unintentionally, its entire surface now completely covered by brutal branches of sharpened ice, ice that will pierce through all things which dare to come too near, and for those who make that mistake, death is soon to find them right where they have stumbled and fell.

Now they lay frozen and stiff in their unexpected demise, yet my cold heart does not mourn for them, nor does my cold heart even slightly begin to thaw as the warm sunlight of a new spring showers down upon its thick shield of ice. This spring sun is indeed quite pleasant, but sadly, a frozen heart is no longer concerned about things such as this, nor does it feel any love or compassion for another, nor even for itself.

How does a frozen heart learn to feel again? To possess love once more?
How do I ever thaw the solid block of ice within my chest, the glacier within that used to be my heart?

An original poem by

Tracy Cregg

Written on the day of

April 13, 2021

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