Sadness, The Full Collection

“The Bitter Taste”

The bitter taste of persuasion, manipulation, when a person’s forgiving nature is abused,
and the liar turns lies into truth, using their snake-like tenancies to ensure that any given situation goes in their favor;
To their benefit, the bitter taste of betrayal, followed by denial, when the kind-hearted find how terribly that they have been deceived, but even so it can be difficult to believe, especially when the deceitful make every attempt to convince their victim otherwise, although they are well aware that it isn’t right, but regardless of this, no change in character is made and in most cases it never is.
Why would anyone want to live like this; scheming and conspiring against those who would consider you a friend?
But only because they do not know that it is all pretend; that the one for whom they care does not care for them, that the basis of this relation was always just a crooked plan, a childish and selfish game which allows for the liar to get ahead, and to the victim, at first it won’t make sense, but then it all sets in, leaving a broken heart which has now filled with regret, a heart that is now broken and may never completely mend, and next it must swallow the bitter taste of abandonment;
Left alone to rot now that the gig is up.
The user can find no more dishonest opportunities so they proceed to moving along, leaving behind the damage that cannot be undone.The awful and bitter taste of pure kindness gone to waste, the futile efforts that were all made in vain.
I too have felt this pain and all too well I can relate.
I have tasted the same bitter taste, the taste of deception and many exhausting efforts gone to waste, so here is my advice to you, if it isn’t already too late;
Trust only in yourself or you will likely learn the hard way, believe only in someone’s actions instead of their words, sometimes those who are closest to you are the ones who hurt you the worst, never allow anyone to make you doubt yourself, the best thing that you can ever do is to put yourself first.

An original composition by

Tracy Cregg

Written on the day of

March 1, 2021

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